Getting a List of Certificates

We recommend you to start with a simple script that allows you to see the list of available digital signature certificates. Make the following steps:

  1. Install the plugin for your operating system: Windows, macOS or Linux (RPM, DEB).
  2. Install the extension for Firefox or Chrome. You don't need any extensions for Internet Explorer.
  3. Embed into your webpage a link to our script: <script src="js/blitzsc.js"></script>.
  4. Add the following script to your page:
   <script language="JavaScript">
       var pFactory = Blitzsc.createFactory("Blitz Smart Card Plugin", "application/x-blitz-sc-plugin", "ru.reaxoft.firewyrmhost", "");
     pFactory(function (plugin) {
            .then(function(p11){return p11.getCertsForSign(true);})
            .then(function (certs) {
                certs.forEach(function(cert) {
                    cert.full_info.then(function(info) { console.log(info);});
            }, function(err) {
    }, function (error) {

Open locally your webpage. In browser's console you will see the list of available certificates. For example: